A fundamental activity in driving any organisation forward is the development of existing employees.

360Develop offers a highly effective way of providing accurate development feedback to benefit the individual, team, and organisation.

Benefits to the Individual

  • Increases self-awareness
  • Increases motivation to achieve
  • Uncovers blind spots
  • Assesses level of competence through the identification of strengths and areas for development
  • Promotes individual accountability

Benefits to the Team

  • Creates a feedback culture where communication regarding strengths and development
    areas is encouraged
  • Improves the overall team environment and effectiveness
  • Encourages employees to support one another and engage in teamwork

Benefits to the Organisation

  • Communicates and reinforces organisational culture and values
  • Identifies individual, departmental, divisional, and organisational strengths and development areas
  • Improves the overall organisational environment and effectiveness
  • Encourages a feedback culture and joint ownership of development