Feedback Options

Our team is committed to best practice. With that, comes an understanding that a 360 survey alone is not enough to create lasting change.

To help you get the most out of a 360 survey we offer two options for professional feedback.

  • Feedback Standard: A 45-minute exploration of the report, including how to read the specific ratings given in conjunction with any qualitative comment. Price: $200
  • Developmental Coaching Session: A 90-minute exploration of results with a strong developmental and action planning focus. Price: $350

Our 360 Survey Offering

360-degree feedback helps individual and team functioning by highlighting the specific strengths staff need to retain, and the areas they need to develop further. But every organisation is different – and for this reason, we have developed three different 360-degree solutions. View our offering now

Competency Framework

We know what language works and what doesn’t and, how to future-proof your survey to ensure that it taps into behavioural areas that are not just important for today – but for the workplace of tomorrow. Learn more about our competencies