The 360-degree feedback tool plays an increasingly vital role in workplace success at both an organisational and individual level.

Professionally managed, a 360-degree feedback programme can promote:

  • Increased ownership for self-development and learning
  • Increased self-awareness of individual strengths and areas of development
  • Greater focus around developmental activities
  • Knowledge about which behaviours best contribute to personal and organisational success
  • Increased understanding of personal ‘blind spots’
  • Greater focus for personal action planning and goal setting
  • An holistic understanding of behavioural effectiveness

As a guide, the individual typically invites between 8 and 12 people to anonymously complete a questionnaire online or via a paper survey. This group tends to include, but is not limited to one’s manager, customers, peers and direct reports.

Each source can provide a different perspective on the individual’s strengths, skills, attributes, and personal qualities, thereby providing a far richer summary than could be achieved from any one feedback source.

Typically, a 360 survey will ask the reviewer to rate the individual as well as provide qualitative comment. Responses from an individual are combined with responses from others in the same rater category so as to preserve anonymity.

Our processes include the production of a written report and in most cases, the delivery of face-to-face or telephone feedback. Depending on client need, we can also use 360 survey data to provide group summary reports, rank order individuals by competency, as well as compare people inside teams, across departmental groups, and compare results over time.

Whether you are a small organisation or large multi-national; whether you would like to survey one staff member or many, 360Develop has the solution for you.

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Make sure employees receive the feedback they need to continually develop their behaviours, skills and competencies. 360Develop offers a highly effective way of providing accurate development feedback.

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Depending on your requirements, prices vary depending on degree of flexibility and customisation, type of reports requested, and level of advice and support required throughout the process.

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